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Computer Vision

Computer Vision

An AI generated cinematic experience.
What can machines tell us about ourselves and the world we’ve created?

When a computer looks at us; our creativity, our quirks, our mistakes, our desires; what does it see?

Dreams of the Machine sets out to explore our digital reflection, using artificial intelligence to generate imagery and concepts based on a vast trove of our past data.

Computers can swing elections, enlighten civilisations, bind us, divide us, archive our greatest achievements and give a platform to the darkest parts of our culture.

When you stare deeply into the computer, what truths will you find in its reflection?


Max Brading

Presenting Partners


The Lab @ Light – 63 Light Square, Adelaide


Saturday 6th
Sunday 7th
Saturday 20th
Sunday 21st
Saturday 27th


45 minutes

Ticket Price

$18 + booking fees